Minox GT 35

Minox GT 35
Viewfinder camera - Very Good (used & in working state with minor signs of use)

Offer from estate / collection : analog Minox 35 GT 35 mm compact camera. Triggers and stretches. Externally in almost new condition without any significant signs of usage. The camera has an automatic exposure system, which adjusts the shutter time at the predetermined aperture. For more technical information, please refer to the network.
Powered by a 5.6 V mercury oxide battery, e.g. Duracell PX 27, Ucar EPX 27 or Varta V 27 PX. Alternatively, four LR 13 button cells can be used, which are inserted in the battery shaft on top of each other with a plus pole upwards.
Scope of delivery:
- Camera (without battery)
- Original storage casket
- Standby bag, faux leather with hand strap

A tétel részletei
Fényképezőgép márkája
Modell/típus száma
GT 35
Tárgy/készülék típusa
Viewfinder camera
Very Good (used & in working state with minor signs of use)
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