Gold-coloured gold plated sunny side plaque

Gold-coloured gold plated sunny side plaque
Resin / polyester

A large and very heavy sunny side plaque, in baroque style With a gold-coloured, gold plated colour.
A unique piece.
The diameter is 28 cm.
The patina shows clear signs of wear, but this is what makes it very charming. Pretty as a picture overall.
With a mounting hook on the back.
The weight is approx. 2,000 grams.

It appears to be based on the emblem of Louis XIV (1638–1715), who was known as the Sun King. For example, a similar face with wavy hair surrounded by straight and curved rays was used in the decorative scheme of the gold fencing and gate to his palace in Versailles.
The path of the sun can also be found in the layout of the gardens. Young Louis XIV liked dancing and taking part in various shows.

Young Louis XIV liked dancing and taking part in various recitals of the court. One time, he had to play the SUN in the Ballet de la Nuit. After that performance he decided to use the SUN as his symbol.
King Louis XIV often called himself "The Sun King". Louis liked to think of himself as the light source of his subordinates, despite his absolutism. This name also referred to the Greek god, Apollo. Apollo was the god of peace and art, and Louis thought he brought peace and total order with his absolutism. He was also patron of the arts and all things beautiful.

Will be packaged with care and shipped by registered post. Can also be picked up.

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