CASIO Edifice - ef-550-DY - Férfi - 2011 utáni

CASIO Edifice - ef-550-DY - Férfi - 2011 utáni
Kvarc - Argentán - Doboz, Eredetiséget igazoló okmány

Product description

Casio edifice limited edition efr 550
Infiniti Red Bull Racing limited edition, inspired by Red Bull racing car racing coloration, special ion plated bezel creates a unique coloring of each model in this collection. This model is designed for high clarity reading, with a large silver dial and gold accents that indicate the city's time zones - the contrast between the gold button indicators and the blue bezel highlight time with a view easy at any speed.
Steel strap 230 mm long and 22 mm wide.
· The needles and / or the index are covered by a fluorescent layer and, if the watch has been previously exposed to a spotlight, they glow in the dark.
· The date and day of the week will appear on the screen
· Measuring capacity: 23: 59'59.95 ".
· This model is non-pendulous quartz movement 1/20
· Hour, minutes, seconds, day, day of the week.
· +/- 20 Seg .. per month
· The mineral glass, hard and hard to scratch, protects the watch from external damage.
· Robust, resistant and elegant. The stainless steel strap is a classic for watches.
· Infallible, the bracelet of this watch has a particularly secure closure that prevents an accidental opening.
· Approximately 2 years under the following conditions:
· Perfect for swimming and diving: the watch is water resistant to 10 bar / 100 meters. This meter indication does not refer to the immersion depth, but to the air pressure that has been used in the water resistance test. (ISO 22810).
· 52.7 mm x 49.2 mm x 12.0 mm
· 187.0 g
Additional Information

Kind of watch


Steel box
Double safety buckle closure, 3-fold one touch
Indication of date and day of the week on analog clocks
The marks coated with a special layer on the dial and / or hands are illuminated in the dark when the watch has been exposed to a light source before.
Stainless steel bracelet
Water resistant (10 BAR)
10BAR indicates a water resistance of 10 atmospheres. It supports diving with snorkel, dives etc ... It does not support scuba diving. If the watch is exposed to salt water, wash it perfectly and dry it
Rear cover with thread lock
Mineral glass
Hard glass resistant to scratches.
The shipment is by registered post with tracking number.

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CASIO Edifice
2011 utáni
Számlap anyaga
Doboz, Eredetiséget igazoló okmány
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