Leo Pors (1952 - ) - Romeins glas, Middeleeuws glas en kersen

Leo Pors (1952 - ) - Romeins glas, Middeleeuws glas en kersen
Olaj, tábla - Szignált - 2018

This work is of a very recent date and comes directly from the studio of the painter. A glass still life, one of the topics in which he reached a high standing. The weathered Roman glass shows traces of a long stay in the ground, while the tall Venetian glass seems painted almost exclusively with light. The short blue glass supports the blue of the tall glass, while the cherries add a beautiful complementary colour. Painting and frame are in new condition and the work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, handwritten by the painter as well as a resume.

Work by Leo Pors (1952) is sought-after in Europe, though increasingly, also outside of Europe. His work is sold by renowned galleries in England, but also Italy, Portugal, Germany and other European countries have collectors works by him in their possession. His paintings are featured in various company collections. His work has also been bought by private collectors in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the USA and Australia. In the USA, the collection of the Ende Museum (Pennsylvania) includes several works by this painter.
In the book “Realisme 2016/ 2017” several pages are dedicated to this painter. Photos of his paintings were also included in the art magazines ‘Tableau’ and ‘Collect’.
Currently there is a solo exhibition of this painter in the United Kingdom.

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Leo Pors (1952 - )
Műalkotás címe
Romeins glas, Middeleeuws glas en kersen
Olaj, tábla
Nagyon jó állípotú
5 kg
Image size
40×50 cm
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