Anne Hoff (1894-1979) - Platbodems op zee

Anne Hoff (1894-1979) - Platbodems op zee
Olaj, vászon - Szignált - 1965

Flat bottoms at sea.
.Oil on linen In beautiful condition.
Painter A. Hoff.

He was born on 3 February 1894 in De Lemmer and died on 25 May 1979 in Amsterdam.
He started painting when he was somewhere in his thirties. At the time he lived on the Nes in Amsterdam, with his wife Eva Hendriks, when he saw a painter at work on Dam Square. "I can do that too" he said to Eva, and started to work. A still life with poppies is one of his earlier works. He painted many Zuiderzee views and portraits. He was self-taught. In the 1970s he sold his works to an Amsterdam art dealer, who also exported them to North America. Students from the art academy sometimes came to learn from him. The Zuiderzee views were his favourites, as he had been a Zuiderzee skipper himself. A reproduction of Rembrandt or Vermeer was also a piece of cake for him. Signed with his own name. He had made a beautiful portrait of his deceased wife Eva by himself in the 1970s. Anne and Eve had no children. He also had a photo of the tjalk that he had built himself.
Source: Family of the painter and museum server.

The work will be sent well packaged.

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Anne Hoff (1894-1979)
Műalkotás címe
Platbodems op zee
Olaj, vászon
Nagyon jó állapotú
3 kg
Image size
30×40 cm
Total dimensions
4×40×50 cm
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