Carlo Roberto la Volpe - Pescatore con pipa

Carlo Roberto la Volpe - Pescatore con pipa
Olaj, vászon - XX° secolo

This work of very good artistic and chromatic quality is in excellent condition, please note just a small restoration visible on the back of the canvas, as shown in pictures.

From a private collection.

On back it bears the signature of the artist La Volpe and a nice description of the subject.

The analysis of the painting under Wood’s lamp does not detect later external oppositions, the paint layer is held close to the original support, the signature is handwritten and coeval.

Accurate packaging and shipping with tracking code.

A tétel részletei
Carlo Roberto la Volpe
Műalkotás címe
Pescatore con pipa
XX° secolo
Olaj, vászon
Nagyon jó állípotú
Image size
50×40 cm
Total dimensions
57.5×47.5×3 cm
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