Carl Theodor Thiemann (1881 - 1966) - Schwan

Carl Theodor Thiemann (1881 - 1966) - Schwan
Fametszet - Monogram CT - 1907

Carl Theodor THIEMANN
(1881 Karlsbad - 1966 Deutenhofen)


Colour woodblock cut from 1907 ORIGINAL

Monogrammed CT 1907

Carl Theodor Thiemann was born on 10 November 1881 in Carlsbad.
After his apprenticeship at the gymnasium and at the commercial school in Carlsbad, he worked there in a technical office. From 1905 to 1868, he studied at the Art Academy in Prague. In 1906, he moved to Libotz and worked there in the studio of Walter Klemm.
In 1908 he moved to Dachau. In the same year he married Louise Miéville, and a daughter came from the marriage. In 1910, he became a member of the Vienna Secession and the German Artists' Association in Weimar. In 1915 he was called to the Austrian Landsturm. After his first wife died, he married Ottilie Thiemann-Stoedtner in 1959.
He was initially engaged in etching, but was increasingly fascinated by colour woodcuts, and soon joined the leading group of modern woodcutters.
His greatest achievement is his woodblock prints. They have high precision in their cut and hand pressure, as well as a versatile colour.
Carl Theodor Thiemann died on 3 December 1966 in Deutenhofen (Dachau).

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Carl Theodor Thiemann (1881 - 1966)
Műalkotás címe
Monogram CT
Jó állapotú
Image size
20×30 cm
Total dimensions
30.5×40×0.1 cm
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