Jacob Hendricus Maris (1837-1899) - Doedelzakspeler uit Tirol

Jacob Hendricus Maris (1837-1899) - Doedelzakspeler uit Tirol
Olaj, tábla - Kézzel aláírt - ca.1864

The painting was part of a collection of early works from the studio of Jacob and Mathijs Maris, auctioned by Frederik Muller in 1903 and bought by an ancestor of the current owner.

After completing his studies in The Hague, Jacob Maris, together with his brother Mathijs, undertook a journey through Germany, Switzerland and France. On his return, inspired by his travel experiences, Jacob painted the stature of the bagpipe player from Tyrol with powerful bold brushstrokes. In the catalogue of Frederik Muller, this stately figure is described by art critic Jan Veth as follows: "A Tyrolean bagpipe player, standing ‘as is’, shown almost directly head on, and painted almost half life-sized. His brown hat casts a strong shadow on the upper half of his face..../.... The white shirt that protrudes from the top and underneath his vest is a bright contract to the cool blue tones of the other clothes. The background shows the ‘repeintes’ all around the edges. "

Shipment/pickup in consultation due to its size and value.

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Jacob Hendricus Maris (1837-1899)
Műalkotás címe
Doedelzakspeler uit Tirol
Olaj, tábla
Kézzel aláírt
Jó állapotú
Image size
85×55 cm
Total dimensions
100×69×0 cm
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