Carel Lodewijk DAKE (Jr.) - Boom op platteland Java

Carel Lodewijk DAKE (Jr.) - Boom op platteland Java
Olaj, tábla - Kézzel aláírt - +/- 1925

A work by Carel Lodewijk Dake (Jr.) 1886 - 1946. He was the son of C. L. Dake Sr., who was appointed professor at the Amsterdam State Academy in 1890. Carl Lodewijk was taught among others by his father. However also of among others A. M. Gorter, H.M. Krabbe and Evert Pieters. In 1912 he went to India and became famous for his three major dioramas of the archipelago.
Dake painted in an Impressionist style during the time he spent on Java, Sumatra and Bali. Work of his hand is found in several museums.

Painted on wood panel with oil paint.

This work is from around 1920, painted with oil paint on wood panel, large size of 133 x 103 x 5 cm (with frame) and the bare painting is 117 x 86 x 5 cm.

The painting is in good condition but should definitely be cleaned (was hanging in a smoky room)
On the back an article pasted on C.L. Dake (JR), in Dutch - French - English

This work is painted in large format and gives an impressionistic, romantic look at the beautiful landscape of Java. Through the use of natural colours and the light, C.J. Dake (JR) gives the viewer the feeling being back in Java.

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Carel Lodewijk DAKE (Jr.)
Műalkotás címe
Boom op platteland Java
+/- 1925
Olaj, tábla
Kézzel aláírt
Nagyon jó állapotú
9 kg
Image size
133×103 cm
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