Kiváló minőségű szövet Lampas - Textil

Kiváló minőségű szövet Lampas - Textil
Olaszország - 1975-2000

High-quality lampas, two warps and four wefts.
Textured high-quality fabric, originally handmade, now made with jacquard machines using at least two warps (one as a base) and one or more wefts.
Suitable for all furnishing projects, upholstery, tapestries, curtains, draperies, drapes, bedspreads, headboards, pillows and much more!
Thickness: 0.6 mm (approx.).
This is a piece of cloth of 200 x 280 cm.

Washing: hand wash with cold water, max. 30 °C.
Do not use rotating drum appliances (tumble dryer, washing machines, spin dryers, etc.).
Dry it vertically on a hanger.
Iron it at a maximum temperature of 110 °C on the back of the fabric - place a damp cloth on it.
Do not bleach or use stain removers.

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Kiváló minőségű szövet Lampas
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