NIKITA - Portrait Rose Manga

NIKITA - Portrait Rose Manga
Akril, vászon - Szignált - 2014

Unique and original work by NIKITA.
Acrylic and spray paints on round canvas.
Street artist of the 5.7 crew from Montpellier, France.
Used to mural works and graffiti contests around the world, she offers here a series of portraits with remarkable acrylic technique and precision.
Japanese inspiration.

Signed on the back.

About the artist:

NIKITA is an artist of the Street-Art movement who has been evolving in the group 5.7. as early as the late 1990s.
An iconic artist recognized by her peers, she likes to paint women warriors with Japanese, futuristic or whimsical inspirations, which she likes to connect to history.
She takes part in many fresco projects, on public and private buildings, as evidenced by 2 large facades of the ‘Quai du Verdanson’ in Montpellier, amusement parks, tankers for firefighters, as well as a multitude of other supports she enjoys testing.
Always on the lookout for atypical or underground places, her anamorphoses, kind of 3D trompe l'oeil, defy the laws of perspective and completely disorient viewers.
Her latest series, #RESURGENCES, focuses on the memory of walls, proof that the human mind is capable of
materializing itself. Close to the URBEX movement, she looks for abandoned places, kept secret, and recovers ancient tapestries from the 19th and 20th centuries. Thanks to a transparency effect, NIKITA gives them a second life by focusing on bringing out the characters who used to live in those places (wrecked castle, old penal colony, Mazet abandoned...).

She takes part in many graffiti events around the world.

A tétel részletei
Műalkotás címe
Portrait Rose Manga
Akril, vászon
Image size
40×40 cm
Sold with frame
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