War shield - Mangrove gyökérfa - Asmat - West-Papua (former Irian Jaya)

War shield - Mangrove gyökérfa - Asmat - West-Papua (former Irian Jaya)
1970 - Jó

Very powerfully cut war / headhunters shield of the Asmat from the Senggo region. Reportedly collected in the field in the 70s.

The Wow-Ipit (woodcarver) has depicted 3 ancestors here, with the black blocks each forming the backbone. (X-ray style) In this way he builds a bridge between the world of the living and the world of the dead (see Yvette Bieckmann thesis on art history page 18)) The Asmat see this shield as an ancestor and thus get its name from him. This gives the warrior in the war the power of this ancestor (Ndet). It gives courage and self-confidence and lets the enemy freeze with fear through the effigy.

Original, autistic, in good condition, only the pigments have faded through time. (white lime, black coal and red ochre)

Will be properly packaged and shipped registered.

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War shield
Etnikai csoport / kultúra
Region/ country
West-Papua (former Irian Jaya)
Mangrove gyökérfa
Sold with stand
155×36×9 cm
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