Keriscarrier (1) - Fa - kris keris drager - 82 cm - Bali, Indonesia

Keriscarrier (1) - Fa - kris keris drager - 82 cm - Bali, Indonesia
2nd half 20th century - Jó

Ganesh the Hindu deity that helps to remove the obstacles on our life path. Not feared but loved by almost everyone. Perhaps because of his meek character as a keris carrier, a not so very common figure. However, this Balic specimen shows that there is not to be mocked with an unleashed Ganesh and that your keris will certainly be in safe hands with him. The impressive statue is 82 centimetres high and more than 7.5 kilos heavy. Not ancient, more likely from the middle of the second half of the past century. On the right a slight, not very disturbing, desiccation crack. As a whole robust, but has a good sense of proportions. The sculptural qualities are also expressed in the details of clothing, crown and jewellery, not toddler like but firm and resolutely befitting the overall character. The coherent polychromy in a limited number of soft tones of a fairly dry type of paint.
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Total nr of items
Indigenous object name
kris keris drager - 82 cm
Region/ country
Bali, Indonesia
2nd half 20th century
Sold with stand
82×24×24 cm
7.5 kg
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