Julien Durix - Only love matters

Julien Durix - Only love matters
250g papír - Kézzel aláírt - 2020

Julien DURIX:

Recognized as one of the greatest of his generation, Julien Durix was born in Vichy in 1991 and has devoted himself to painting since 2012. After two years of artistic studies, he quickly embarked on a more personal process, which features the characters of his childhood dreams.

Each work by this young artist is a story: Superman and the Mona Lisa are a romantic, melded couple, as Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn are. As for Mickey, he's off to conquer the world to spread his message of love...

Julien Durix has fun mixing periods and characters to better convey the vision of his superheroes of our current world. In his paintings, only tenderness and poetry matter.

The acrylic paintings of this artist, carefully sketched, do not include any collage or printing. The precision of its touch brings out the colours vividly and emphasizes the features of the figures.

When he was only 27 years old, he showed inexhaustible inspiration, a technique close to perfection and a real talent, already recognised. He thus established himself in the contemporary art landscape as a worthy heir to Pop Art.


This work presents a little girl who draws with a touch of humour and irony the famous animated cartoon character Picsou by representing him by tickets surrounded by the heart of love.

It is a limited edition of 250 numbered copies, signed by the artist himself.

It is delivered in a new condition, already framed and packaged.

A tétel részletei
Julien Durix
Mű címe
Only love matters
250g papír
Kézzel aláírt
Teljes méret
1×70×50 cm
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