Fuvola dugó - Fa - Pápua Új-Guinea

Fuvola dugó - Fa - Pápua Új-Guinea
Early 21st century - Jó

Originally the Biwat lived along the Yuat River, a tributary of the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea. For their initiation ceremonies, they played long bamboo flutes held horizontally. These flutes were closed at the end by a cork, which was a human figure carved in wood, decorated with ornaments of horn and mother-of-pearl, capped with cassowary feathers. It represented, say the few ethnologists who were able to study these rituals - which disappeared around 1930 - the spirits of the bush and water, especially the crocodile. The most beautiful of these corks were collected when part of New Guinea became a German colony in 1884.

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Fuvola dugó
Region/ country
Pápua Új-Guinea
Early 21st century
Sold with stand
70×18×16 cm
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