Tánc maszk (1) - Hair (animal), Bambusz, Fa - Bali, Indonesia

Tánc maszk (1) - Hair (animal), Bambusz, Fa - Bali, Indonesia
Late 20th century - Kiváló

This mask represents a monkey. This mask can be worn and has a braided basket of bamboo which can be put on the head. The mask also has a loose jaw that can be moved. As you can see from the pictures it has four tusks and pretty large canines. The hair is approximately 40 cm long.
Since it has always hung on my wall, it is undamaged and still in the same condition as when I bought it. The whole is very beautifully carved and it is also a beautiful mask. Certainly a nice asset for the one who buys it.

The mask will be well packed and sent with track&trace.

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Total nr of items
Tánc maszk
Region/ country
Bali, Indonesia
Bambusz, Fa, Hair (animal)
Late 20th century
Sold with stand
28×27×40 cm
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